A graphic adventure set in a rough neighborhood


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Extrication is a point-and-click graphic adventure where you play a swindler in the thick of a sticky situation. He owes money to Fat Tony, a local mobster famous for never letting a debt slide, and has less than 24 hours to get the money together and hand it over.

You play Extrication just like most other graphic adventure games: using the mouse, you can investigate anything you come across in the level, move objects around, speak to people, and try to use anything you have in your possession to your advantage.

The adventure is relatively short but it has a lot of different characters you can interact with, as well as three different possible endings. Of course, one of the possibilities includes 'sleeping with the fishes', which is what will happen if you can't come up with the money to pay Tony.

Extrication is a graphic adventure with a great retro feel, an interesting storyline, and some very enticing characters. Definitely a high-quality free game.
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